System Security
Permanent Monitoring

At Pandora FMS, we understand the importance of ensuring the integrity and security of your systems in an ever-evolving digital world. That is why our platform is designed to give you the tools you need to audit and secure your systems with absolutely no worries.

Hardening Monitoring

We merged CIS recommendations with our monitoring technology to provide you with an integrated securitization audit system that includes more than 1,500 individual checks. Track and evaluate in real time the evolution of your hardening measures in all your environments.

Permanent Vulnerability Monitoring

We integrate the whole vulnerability database from Mitre (CVE) and NIST to perform vulnerable software audits throughout your entire organization on a steady basis. Both agents and the Discovery remote component will be used to point out which systems have software with vulnerabilities.

Inventory Flexibility

Whether you use Linux systems from multiple distributions or any Windows version, we adapt to all of it. Regardless of the complexity of your infrastructure, thanks to Pandora FMS you may inventory in detail all kinds of systems and customize it to your liking.

Security Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor the status of security infrastructures: Backups, antivirus, VPN, firewalls, IDS/IPS, SIEM, honeypots, authentications systems, storage systems, log collecting, etc.

Server Security Monitoring

We check in real time the security of remote access, passwords, open ports and system key file changes. If there is any news, you will be warned virtually in real time.

Proactive Alerts

Not only do we help you spot potential security breaches, but we also provide proactive alerts and recommendations to address any issues before they become a real threat.

Data Pandora
Data Pandora

CIS Categories Audited by Pandora FMS

We’ve taken the CIS recommendations a step further by implementing more than 1,500 individual checks in a variety of safety-critical categories.

Hardware and Software Asset Inventory and Control

Monitor and manage all your network software and devices. Keep an updated inventory of your IT assets and use authentication to block unauthorized actions. Furthermore, supervise and manage your network software, allow authorized actions and block non-desired ones. Your security requires so.

Device Inventory and Control

At Pandora FMS, we take care of the security of your systems from the ground up, this means identifying and managing your hardware devices so that only authorized ones have access, blocking unwanted ones. Maintaining proper inventory minimizes internal risks, organizes your environment, and brings clarity to your network.

Vulnerability Management

Analyze your assets on a regular basis to detect possible vulnerabilities and solve them before they become a bigger problem. Reinforce your network’s security by making sure that the software and operating systems in your organization stay updated with the latest safety measures.

Admin Privilege Controlled Use

Closely supervise access and user behavior through accounts with the right permissions to avoid any unauthorized access to critical systems. Make sure only authorized users have higher permissions to avoid admin rights misuse.

Safe Hardware and Software Configuration

Set and keep security measures based on the standards your organization approves. Create a strict configuration management system that detects and alerts on any incorrect configuration and establishes a change tracking process to prevent attackers from taking advantage of vulnerable services and configurations.

Audit Log Maintenance, Supervision and Analysis

Compile, manage and analyze event audit logs to identify possible anomalies. Keep detailed logs to deeply understand attacks and be able to face security breaches efficiently.

Malware Defenses

Supervise and control malicious code installation and execution at different points on your company to prevent attacks. Configure and use antimalware software and take advantage of automation to guarantee defense quick updates and agile corrective actions in the face of any attacks.

Email and Web Browser Protections

Protect and manage your web browsers and email systems against online threats to reduce the chances of an attack. Disable browsers and unauthorized email plugins and ensure users only access trustworthy websites through URL filters based on the network.

Data Recovery

Set up procedures and tools to make sure the key information of your organization is correctly backed up. Make sure you have a strong data recovery system to restore information should any attack compromise critical data.

Boundary Defense and Data Protection

Identify and isolate sensitive data and set up a series of processes that include coding, protection plans against data leaks and data loss prevention techniques.

Account Control and Supervision

Closely supervise the whole lifecycle of their systems and application accounts, from its creation to its deletion, including its use and inactivity. This active management prevents attackers from taking advantage of the accounts of legitimate but inactive users for malicious purposes.

The Most Comprehensive
Vulnerability Database

Regardless of the amount of systems you have, and wherever they may be, we will look for every piece of software installed and we will compare it with the biggest vulnerability database in the world to tell you what action you should take.

Set up alerts, create dashboards and technical reports to filter by machine groups, types of attack, intrusion vector, privilege use and many other fields.


Our Security ROADMAP

We keep building a tool to control it all

Pandora FMS is the base to monitor, audit, retrieve logs, generate alerts, manage configurations (NCM), execute tasks in a distributed way and much more.

Through security monitoring, hardening analysis and vulnerability detection, we have taken the first step but our roadmap is much more ambitious.


By including these and other system features, we will complete the circle we started in 2005.

Pandora FMS will then truly become
the single tool to supervise everything


Security that you can See and Verify

We are committed to show transparency at all times. Our platform allows you to easily check the implementation of every single control and perform an ongoing follow-up of your security state. Not all categories can be applied to all systems, however we have developed controls that will help you determine whether they are relevant for your environment.

Trust Pandora FMS for System Security

When you choose Pandora FMS, you choose a comprehensive solution that seamlessly combines monitoring and security. Our collaboration with CIS ensures that you are aligned with international best practices. From vulnerability protection to attack prevention, Pandora FMS supports you every step of the way.

Pandora RC integration with Pandora FMS

¿Ready to take the security of your systems to the next level?

Contact us today to learn how Pandora FMS can help you ensure the integrity of your valuable systems and data!

Since we started our project in 2005, customers from all over the world have relied on Pandora FMS.

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Chris B., Capterra

"I have spent a lot of time working with the support and development department analyzing our needs for monitoring, different scripts and custom reports, and they have always been able to develop enhancements to the software to meet our requirements while bringing value to the other customers. They are flexible not only in terms of the software but also in terms of the company's roadmap."

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Francisco Pardo, Trustpilot

"Pandora FMS scored the best out of the many alternatives we reviewed. It solved a lot of gaps that we didn't know how to address: from extracting inventories in real time or a 10-year history, to the user experience. Of all the monitoring software I think Pandora FMS is the one that encompasses the two main ideas that a system of this type should have: simplicity and efficiency. The work of monitoring the events of a huge network is exhausting, but also essential in the field of technology, and tools like this play a great role."

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Alexandre P., IT Central Station

"Thanks to Pandora FMS we have been able to unify everything in a single tool, making all our work more efficient and detecting problems quickly. We can see exactly where the error is, and we also have the tools to fix it as soon as possible. With Pandora FMS we have everything under constant control and supervision."

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Luis Ibrahim, G2 Crowd

"Its modularity provides huge flexibility allowing you to safely configure multiple servers of diverse types on different locations depending on your network requirements. Its modularity provides huge flexibility allowing you to safely configure multiple servers of diverse types on different locations depending on your network requirements. You can also deploy the solution as a standalone server and still monitor the entire infrastructure using multiple network adapters. Versatile tool if ever there was one."

An effort of all our team, users and customers that make Pandora FMS improve day by day. This is a recognition to all our trajectory and shows that Opensource is still alive and that we are one of the leading and pioneering projects in Europe.