Server Remote Control

Sometimes complex problems require practical support. Connect to your desktop as if you were in front of it quickly and easily. Solve customer support issues right away.

Totally free up to 10 computers per user. Try it and decide!

Especially designed for Kiosks and IoT

Perfect for remotely controlling environments under Linux (any distribution) or Windows. You may keep operating large environments with a minimum and highly customized investment.

Installation support
Minimum investment
Pandora RC Controlled desktop
Pandora RC sysadmins

Perfect for sysadmins

With the remote console (shell) both for Windows, Mac or Linux environments you may execute admin commands from your browser or phone, without restrictions or having to install any software. You may also copy files, browse processes and services – all without remote desktop access.

Ease of use

Unlimited scalability

Pandora RC is designed to manage more than 50,000 computers per server; it has a zone-based architecture that allows for high availability and a proximity provisioning system to deliver the optimal latency times the remote desktop needs.

High Availability
Mass computer management
Pandora RC Agents
Pandora RC node js

Modern technology

Pandora RC is developed with current technologies such as Node and Javascript, using classic low-level paradigms for high-performance operations (C++), which translates into an agile, efficient and robust platform that will become a key piece in your internal management processes.

Robust architecture
Agile and efficient

Ready to take control of your equipments?

Choose Pandora RC for seamless IT support & operations. Fast, secure, and reliable, it's the ultimate tool for efficiency and control. Absolutely free for up to 10 devices per user!

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