Use cases: Compliance & audit

Fast and full audit

Pandora FMS is a monitoring software capable of integrating hundreds of applications in a single point, making it much easier for you to verify access policy compliance, collect and review information, and store logs.

With Pandora FMS, you will be able to answer questions from auditors in seconds. Along with the inventory tool, built into the console, you’ll have the perfect software to help you with auditors.

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Log centralization icon

Log centralization

Decide what data to collect, where they come from, how long to keep them and who will access them in Pandora FMS console.

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No duplicates

Duplicated data could create problems when enforcing policies. Therefore, you should make sure that centrally-stored logs are removed from local servers as soon as possible. Pandora FMS sends logs to the centralized log storage in near-realtime.

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Get everything

Applications, databases, user logins, Windows events, Mac and Linux logs, you can send everything to Pandora FMS and save it for years if you need it.

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Updated log record

The faster the better, particularly if you need to investigate whether a breach compromised your data or which records were affected during an attack. Pandora FMS will allow you to have the complete log record, not summaries or aggregations.

Save time and money

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There are very complex and expensive technologies on the market that are unnecessary when what you need is a system to store and access data. Pandora FMS includes in its Enterprise license the log collection feature, capable of storing unlimited amounts of data.
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What is compliance and auditing monitoring?


Corporate compliance is a set of procedures implemented by companies, based on standards such as ISO 27001, or laws such as the North American HIPAA or the European RGPD, to manage both legal and operational risks they are exposed to in their activities and set the appropriate internal procedures to prevent, manage and react to them.

Auditing, and specifically internal auditing, is a method for business internal control that checks compliance with the policies and procedures set by the company to prevent risks, improve processes and optimize your business in general.

The relationship of IT monitoring with the previous concepts focuses on the set of tools that IT monitoring can offer companies when engaging in these activities.

What do you need to keep in mind?
Today, computing is essential for business. That is why IT monitoring will be a very useful tool for tasks such as auditing. To carry out these tasks, the monitoring software of your choosing must offer some basic features:

  • A complete log register, which helps to investigate possible security breaches or to find out which registers have been affected in the event of an attack.

  • A database that stores events for years, if necessary. That way you can check at any time user logins or different events in different operating systems and applications that allow you to detect deficiencies.
  • Versatility to carry out the previously mentioned tasks. Therefore, its ability to monitor different technologies and applications will be key in making data collection truly useful and not limited to only a small number of technologies.

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