Defense and aerospace sector monitoring

Monitoring, security and adaptability

Security at all levels and guaranteeing the highest dialogue level are the main requirements that our clients ask for in this sector. Since we are manufacturers and our teams have international experience, we are able to tackle unusual projects much more quickly and effectively than other solutions on the market.

Pandora FMS has been integrated into solutions from large manufacturers, managing to satisfy specific customer needs without compromising on standardization. Our philosophy is to offer a constantly evolving product, which differentiates us from other tools based on a source code core adaptable to each project.

The international Pandora FMS 24/7 support service offers their services to companies in the US, Canada, Mexico and Asian and European countries. We have system engineering and development teams to offer solutions in record time.

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We think about the needs of your sector… real solutions

Projects in this sector must not present errors once delivered icon

Projects in this sector must not present errors once delivered

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Pandora FMS will collaborate at the highest level to certify the project’s implementation.

Reliability and deadline commitment icon

Reliability and deadline commitment

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We know how difficult it is to integrate third-party elements in much more complex projects, that’s why we avoid delays.

Security requirements need a flexible architecture icon

Security requirements need a flexible architecture

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Have a dual architecture based on software and remote agents not installing anything on your machines. In addition, device network isolation for its monitoring will be available thanks to the use of satellites.

Segment the generated information according operator accreditation icon

Segment the generated information according operator accreditation

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Pandora FMS has a very low-level array of ACLs which guarantees that each user can see the information they are allowed, without the need for breaking monitoring into different blocks.

Total flexibility icon

Total flexibility

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Integration projects require technical assistance at the highest level. You will speak directly to decision-making leaders, with no intermediaries.

Security is vital from the very beginning icon

Security is vital from the very beginning

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Both legal, procedural (ISO 27001) and technical security. We have international experience in banking, military and high security environments.

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*Our confidentiality agreements do not allow us to show most of our clients in these sectors, we only use authorized logos and references.

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What is defense and aerospace sector monitoring?


Defense and Aerospace sector monitoring consists of supervising computer systems involved in the activities of these sectors. This will include both classic IT monitoring and that exclusive to the specific technologies of the companies and entities that work in those sectors.

What do you need to keep in mind?

When we talk about defense and aerospace sector, we refer to critical sectors where technologies involved are usually complex and cutting-edge. Therefore, the tool of your choosing for their monitoring must satisfy very strict criteria.

  • It must be highly flexible, allowing you to monitor innovative and very specific technologies in these sectors. In particular, its ability to adapt to the needs of each company or entity through plugins and integrations will be highly valued.

  • The tool must be dynamic, it cannot stay anchored in a specific project, but rather it must be able to evolve with it.
  • In such a critical sector, it will be necessary to count on a 24/7 support team that knows how to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • In such demanding fields, experience will be an extra point. Thus, not only will it be possible to demand high technical capacity from the tool, but also from the team behind it. They should have solid experience in IT monitoring, and more specifically, experience in the defense and aerospace sectors.

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