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Why does Pandora FMS Open Source exist?

To take your monitoring much further than you think. Pandora FMS Open Source is not only free, it is the definitive version to learn without limits.

Pandora FMS Community

With the Community version you can implement your own monitoring solution, free and unlimited. Ideal for advanced users and small organizations. Thanks to its thousands of pages of documentation and user forum, you can integrate Pandora FMS into your project by yourself. It is 100% OpenSource under GPL2 license.

You may wonder if the Community version has limitations or if it is just a way to get you to buy the Enterprise version, take a look at it and decide for yourself.

Pandora FMS Enterprise

Request a free trial of Pandora FMS Enterprise, to discover all the advantages you can get from monitoring your business, and profit from its adaptability and advanced features. We can provide a personalized proof of concept that covers all your needs in record time.

Select your installation method


Online installation tools

Pandora FMS server on CentOS 7.x:
curl -Ls | bash

Pandora FMS server on RHEL 8.x / RockyLinux 8:
curl -sL | bash

Pandora FMS on Ubuntu server 22.04:
curl -sL | bash

Pandora FMS Software agent on *nix:
export PANDORA_SERVER_IP=<PandoraServer IP or FQDN> && curl -Ls | bash

Pandora FMS Software agent on Windows 10 or higher:
Invoke-WebRequest -Url -OutFile ${env:tmp}\pandora-agent-windows.exe; & ${env:tmp}\pandora-agent-windows.exe /S –ip


You need to have docker and docker compose installed.

mkdir $HOME/pandorafms; cd $HOME/pandorafms
docker-compose -f centos8-docker-compose up

Learn more in Docker hub’s project website.

RPM Packages

Install Pandora FMS community in Rocky/RHEL in three steps:

Step 1: Activate OS Updates, activate OS Extras an EPEL repositories and powertools repos.

Step 2: Add our official repository to your system creating the file /etc/yum.repos.d/pandorafms with the following content

name= PandoraFMS official repo EL $releasever – $basearch

Step 3: Install the packages from the command line:
yum install pandorafms_console pandorafms_server mariadb-server

For more information, please visit our documentation


Get a copy of our code from GitHub:
git clone

Is there something else missing? Check out all downloads ↓


With our rolling release philosophy we release a new update every few months. In each release we publish new packages plus some features for Android, Chrome and other platforms.

Virtual machines

Physical devices

Network equipment


Lines of logs per day

Open Source vs Enterprise

All features detailed and a comparison between versions.


Summary list with all the changes and fixes made to Pandora FMS.


User manuals, administration and development.

Quick guides

Discover all the How-to or specific tutorials for a specific task.

Other guides

A practical approach based on examples and “screenshots”.

Official Discord

Get in touch with our community, solve any problem asap!

Pandora FMS 7.0 – NG 772.1 LTS RENAISSANCE

Highest stability version

This is an LTS (Long Term Support) version, a version with maximum stability that incorporates lots of bug fixes. These LTS are published once a year.

icon_web Docker Hub repo Link
icon_web GitHub Repo Link
icon_web Microsoft Windows Link
icon_web Raspberry Link
icon_web RPM-RHEL Link
icon_web Tarball Link

Pandora FMS 7.0 – NG 773.3 RRR

Latest version

Every two months approximately, Pandora FMS has a minor update with new functionalities and features.

icon_web Docker Hub repo Link
icon_web GitHub Repo Link
icon_web Microsoft Windows Link
icon_web Raspberry Link
icon_web RPM-RHEL Link
icon_web Tarball Link

Other Pandora FMS downloads

Additional complements

icon_web Android Monitoring Agent Link
icon_web Android Event Viewer Link
icon_web Android Pandora FMS console Link
icon_web Mac OSX Agent Link
icon_web Pandora FMS console for iOS Link
icon_web Pandora FMS Event Viewer for iOS Link
icon_web Dependencies and tools Link
icon_web All version downloads in Sourceforge Link

SourceForge is a collaborative website for software projects that sees nearly 30 million users per month looking for, and developing, open source softwares

Download Pandora FMS: Flexible Monitoring System
2022 SourceForge awards

An effort of all our team, users and customers that make Pandora FMS improve day by day. This is a recognition of our entire trajectory and shows that Opensource is still alive and that we are one of the leading and pioneering projects in Europe.

¿Necesitas Ayuda?

Do you need help?

Dive into our online documentation, more than 1200 pages where we describe in detail all the secrets of Pandora FMS. We don’t keep anything for ourselves, both the code and the most complete documentation is at your disposal, without any tricks.

Soporte de la comunidad

Community support

In case you need help with Pandora FMS Open Source, we have an online public forum available to help you master Pandora FMS on your own, and of course, you have also documentation and quick guides. We’ve uploaded some video tutorials in youtube, which can aid you in initially finding your way around.

¿Tienes una idea?

Have you come up with a good idea?

Our clients and users constantly help us improve Pandora FMS. We love to store ideas and comments, which we will later use in updates and future versions. Please tell us about features you would like to have included in future versions of Pandora FMS. Go now to our Github issue section.

Affiliation program for educational entities

We provide interested educational institutions with a complete monitoring course that includes all the necessary resources for both students and teachers.

Join the Pandora FMS team

Anyone who wants to help us with program development, documentation writing or any other task to improve Pandora FMS is always welcome to join us!

Doubts, suggestions or comments?

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