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Pandora FMS channel program is designed for companies of all sizes, whether they be solution providers, technology consultants and distributors or system integrators.

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The partner program framework is based on specific levels, competences and solutions. Each one designed to support and reward you based on these 3 key aspects: Levels, Competences and Specific Solutions.

Partnership levels adapted to your potential

Silver Enterprise Partner - Pandora FMS

Silver Enterprise Partner

x1 Certified technician
Pandora FMS pre-sales resources

Gold Enterprise Partner - Pandora FMS

Gold Enterprise Partner

x1 Sales representative
x1 Certified technician
Pandora FMS pre-sales resources

Platinum Enterprise Partner - Pandora FMS

Platinum Enterprise Partner

x2 Sales representatives
x2 Certified technicians
First level support
Pandora FMS pre-sales resources
Pandora FMS post-sales support

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Advantages of being a Pandora FMS Partner

Solution Providers | Technology Consultants and Distributors | Systems integrators


Access to the portal

– Product information.
– Technical Information.
– Sales information.
– Marketing information.

Opportunity generation

– Integration in the partner solutions catalog.
– Demand generation marketing.
– Joined events.
– Direct marketing campaigns.


– Success stories and product news.


Opportunity Management

– Commercial support with the client.
– Pre-sales/technical support with the customer.
– Joint client monitoring.

Partner qualification

– Sales training.
– Technical training.
– Internal-use and demo license.
– Partner Program logos and certificates.


Technical support

– Partner support.
– Client support.

Benefits Silver Gold Platinum
Discount licenses
Discount on Artica services
Services offered for the Open
Services offered for the Enterprise
Access to the Partner Portal
Panfora FMS logo and branding
Access to Marketing resources
Sales/Presales support
Access to Support Portal
Commercial Training
Technical Training PAT PAT / PAE
Access to Roadmap
Opportunity registration Per case
Lead distribution Optional Optional
Webinars and events

Become an Open Source Partner

We offer an alternative network to our Enterprise partners, with partners for all those users who need help with their OpenSource version installations. OpenSource partners are PAT certified. As they are not licensed, we cannot offer any warranty or support for your work, but we rely on them to help users all over the world.

We grow together!

Our partners are the extension of our sales team. We work together in constant exploration of new and existing opportunities, achieving more benefits, ensuring higher customer loyalty and making your business grow with rewards based on Pandora FMS performance.

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“Thanks to Pandora FMS, we expanded our portfolio of monitoring design and implementation services, which goes beyond just selling a license, and although our core business is systems management services, we can offer this added value to customers who don’t need these services and that has made our business expand.”

Junichi Satoh

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“By improving the quality of our services through early detection of incidents, we have achieved greater resource efficiency and as a result have strengthened our relationship with our customers.”

Antonio Flores

“Being Pandora FMS partners allows us to bring quality software to our customers, working as a team to offer the best solution tailored to each customer.”

Guillermo Sanchez

Use cases of our Partner program

We at Pandora FMS understand that an IT department that gets rid of lower-value daily tasks will have much more time to focus strategically and evolve. Below we present some of the practical cases in which we have provided support and service to partners from different business areas.


Public administration

Issue Pandora FMS solution Partner service
Uncontrolled IT expansion. Pandora FMS provides management and inventory that allows keeping the addition of new elements within the infrastructure up-to-date. The partner provides the consulting analysis necessary to define the starting point for the entire implementation.

Heterogeneous environments with different monitoring systems for each environment. Pandora FMS unifies all systems under a single monitoring umbrella. The partner provides the necessary consulting to carry out migration from legacy environments to the new system monitoring system with Pandora FMS.

Fast integration of new systems and environments in the monitoring structure. Pandora FMS has deployment and discovery tools to quickly incorporate any new device into monitoring. Perform consulting to define the registration processes of new devices in the infrastructure.

Ensure the total availability of services, alerting about crashes or malfunctions in the infrastructure that sustains it. Pandora FMS provides service maps and alerts if any of them work in a degraded manner, collecting information from the infrastructure that supports it. The partner performs the necessary consultancy to define which elements of the infrastructure support each service.

Distribution client

Issue Pandora FMS solution Partner service
Integration of the monitoring system with a ticketing tool that allows a fast and agile replacement of damaged devices. Pandora FMS provides integration with the main ticketing tools on the market minimizing the time between incident and replacement. Pandora FMS provides the partner with a complete solution that allows them to optimize their resources, both technically and at logistics level. There is the need to store these replacements in an intermediate warehouse.


Issue Pandora FMS solution Partner service
There are a lot of remote and very specific machines in this environment, difficult to repair because they are not in direct contact with IT staff.

There is also the need to provide service during store opening hours and to comply with a rigorous level of service. At the same time, services offered to customers must be monitored.

Pandora FMS is flexible enough to collect information from any specific hospitality device. Pandora FMS reporting system provides information, in detail and right away on compliance with any existing SLA agreement.

In addition, Pandora FMS flexible architecture provides a safe solution in highly distributed environments and proactive ability to address any of the issues that may arise.

Pandora FMS helps their partners meet their SLA commitments by improving the logistic processes of support, maintenance and replacement.

Logistics customers

Issue Pandora FMS solution Partner service
Logistics companies today face the challenge of coordinating their customer-facing services with the services offered to them by partners and suppliers, requiring comprehensive control of KPIs and service level agreements throughout the distribution chain.

All of this with a geographical distribution that sometimes covers the global level.

Pandora FMS software is capable of collecting information from any computer system and making it useful for controlling service level agreements and measuring KPIs at all times.

And transform all of this into useful and understandable visual consoles for all the business units of a logistics company, alerting you to any possible deviation.

Pandora FMS partners can provide the right consulting services and identify the source of the information needed to shape the KPIs of the distribution chain.

They can also perform an analysis of the necessary applications and infrastructures, both in the company itself, as well as in their partners and suppliers, and provide deployment, management, and maintenance services globally, wherever the customer’s offices are located.


Issue Pandora FMS solution Partner service
Universities are microcosm where, in a relatively small environment, a large number of buildings that have to be interconnected are located. This creates a continuous need for monitoring of all communications nodes, with the added problem of human resource scarcity and economic budget.

On the other hand, universities must face very high peaks in demand, certain services offered to students (registration, fee payment, grade checking…), aggravated in times of telework, and with the urgent need to monitor services to provide online.

Pandora FMS solution provides the flexibility to cover all university issues to the most cost-effective TCO on the market, and with ease of management that requires very little investment in human resources. Partners, in addition to Pandora FMS deployment, can provide universities with remote management services, even reaching SaaS models, as well as, thanks to Pandora FMS capabilities, propose improvements that locate and eliminate bottlenecks in the communications infrastructure.


Issue Pandora FMS solution Partner service
The digitization of the healthcare environment is a reality already in Spain, which is raising the degree of complexity in the IT infrastructures that underpin business processes in healthcare.

This results in a higher number of services supported by increasingly critical computing environments.

The diversity and criticality of these systems entail the most demanding consumption of human resources both in number and specialization

Pandora FMS provides a simplified view of the health status of this infrastructure that helps free up resources in their administration and significantly reduces recovery times in the event of critical failures.

Likewise, it helps locate duplicate or underused infrastructures.

The highly specialized environment of health services will require, from the partner, multidisciplinary services that allow the deployment of a monitoring solution at infrastructure level, and that, at the same time, provides a useful and understandable display layer at hospital administrative management level, providing useful information regarding the status of the different services provided by the medical center or hospital.

More partnership possibilities - OEM Partners

Reinforce the value of your personal brand by adding Pandora FMS features to your solution

We have an “OEM” program specially designed for those companies that want the rights of sale and sub-licensing of Pandora FMS and offer a solution together with their own products, under their own brand to their clients.

How can you become a Pandora FMS Partner?

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