Pandora RC pricing

Licensing adapted to the size of your company and your specific business requirements. Base your license on the total number of devices, or the total number of users.

Pandora RC based on devices

Total devices based licenses

Pay-per-use, monthly payment or annual renewal. Select this license based on the maximum number of devices to manage, with no limit of simultaneous sessions.

Pandora RC based on users

Total users based licenses

Pay-per-use, monthly payment, or annual renewal. This version allows you to manage an unlimited number of devices, limiting the total number of simultaneous sessions.

Pandora RC on-premise solution

Need an On-Premise solution?

In an on-premise environment, companies in highly regulated industries with strong security and privacy requirements keep all the data and are in full control of what happens with it. Pandora RC fits this reality and presents a scalable solution to the needs of your organization: