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Pandora FMS is the perfect suite for demanding organizations, whatever their size, that value professional support, steady updates and, particularly a product oriented to the day to day, with out-of-the-box solutions and administration oriented to large environments.

  • Full and detailed monitoring.
  • Report, graph and alert customization.
  • Scalable solution that adapts to your needs.
  • More than 500 integrations and plugins available.
  • Technical support always available to help you.

Discover everything Pandora FMS can do for you today!

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Data Pandora
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Discover how Pandora FMS can help you solve problems quickly in any IT environment!

Pandora FMS Hybrid environment

Full flexibility

With Pandora FMS, you may incorporate old and new solutions seamlessly. We cover all areas so you can make informed decisions.


A future-based approach

Don’t worry about market changes, Pandora FMS has an approach oriented towards the future that helps you get prepared for what’s coming.

Pandora FMS Cloud environments

Comprehensive solution

From legacy systems to new technologies, Pandora FMS covers all areas so you focus on your business.

Server Monitoring


Pandora FMS is a scalable solution that grows with you and adapts to your needs, allowing you to make your business grow without worrying about monitoring issues or adding new systems and applications.

Server Monitoring

Integration and customization

With our monitoring solution, you will be able to add new modules and plugins to customize the software as your needs change, allowing you to keep full control of your systems and applications.

Server Monitoring

Intuitive user interface

Pandora FMS user interface is easy to use and will allow you to navigate the software without issues, saving you time and effort.

Controlled SLA

Real-time insights

Get real-time insights into your systems and applications, allowing you to make quick decisions in case of issues.

Pandora FMS Spring 2023 Highlights

of Support

  • Pandora FMS 90% 90%
  • Competitors 88% 88%

of Use

  • Pandora FMS 90% 90%
  • Competitors 86% 86%

Ease of Doing
Business With

  • Pandora FMS 94% 94%
  • Competitors 89% 89%


  • Pandora FMS 94% 94%
  • Competitors 91% 91%
Pandora FMS Enterprise

The all-in-one monitoring software

Why do it solo?, let us help you. We are technicians, so we know that the best thing to do is to try our product first hand. We will adapt to your working style, since we are experts in Proof of Concepts and RFPs.


Highest flexibility and scalability

Pandora FMS is the most complete and flexible monitoring tool that counts on hundreds of plugins to monitor any technology on the market.

Una sola vista

A single tool

You will be able to get the applications’ historical metrics with a single tool, avoiding the hassle of executing several softwares, scripts, logs, etc.

Soporte ilimitado

Unlimited support

The license includes our 24/7 professional support, together with the possibility of adding new implementations on the roadmap.

trustpilot logo

J.J. Sarmiento, Trustpilot

“Although the IPAM extension did already exist in Pandora FMS, this extension has been improved in its new version till the point it is considered a new one. That is precisely what I like about this software, they release monthly upgradings and obviously always for the better.

Pandora FMS has a specific preconfigured solution to monitor any of the SAP environments. It includes a series of monitors by default that saves time when doing a system checklist since they can send alerts with information about each and everyone of the events.”

it central station logo

Craig St George, IT Central Station

“We use this solution for monitoring our infrastructure, our clients’ infrastructure, and applications. It provides alerting and reporting about our network and infrastructure, as well as customers’ services.

It also provides our customers with management reports. The most valuable features are centralized policy management and the remote management of agents. These make maintenance a lot easier and less costly in terms of time, compared to other solutions that we have used in the past.”

capterra logo

Chris B., Capterra

“I’ve spent a lot of time working with and discussing our needs for monitoring, functionality and reporting with support and development, we’ve always been able to add to the software functionality to meet our needs whilst keeping the functionality useful to all. Support and Development have been very keen to discuss needs.”

capterra logo

Luis Ibrahim, G2 Crowd

“Its modularity provides huge flexibility allowing you to safely configure multiple servers of diverse types on different locations depending on your network requirements. You can also deploy the solution as a standalone server and still monitor the whole infrastructure by using multiple network adapters.”

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Access, analyze and solve

With a software like Pandora FMS it is very simple to have everything under control

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring

Pandora FMS covers both hardware and user applications. Our multitenant Command Center can combine departments, IT systems and locations simultaneously.

Log collection

Log monitoring

You will be able to collect Windows logs and events in any of the computers that you already monitor easily, with the same license. There is no need for you to install any additional programs.

User Experience Monitoring

User experience monitoring

 You will be able to execute the same actions as any other user on your client’s application and check that it works as expected, in a very simple and user-friendly way.

SAP Monitoring

SAP monitoring

Pandora FMS has a specific preconfigured solution to monitor any of the SAP environments (R/3, S/4, CRM, SRM, BI, XI/PI, WAS Netweaver, etc.) and SAP Hana.

Pandora Enterprise Trial

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