Open educational programme

Open educational programme

Do you offer training on systems, networks or monitoring? Would you like to have support with a custom-made program for educational centers? Would you like to offer your students an official certificate free of cost?

As part of our affiliation program, we provide educational institutions that are interested with a complete course on monitoring which includes the necessary resources, both for students and teachers: teaching material, presentations and two exams (a standard test and a practical exam) with their corresponding answers documented and explained completely. Plus, and also 100% for free, your students will have the chance to get the OPT certification (Open Pandora FMS Training). Plus, we also offer an exclusive private forum for teachers to be in contact with our technical support team and receive help directly from the experts.


With the OPT certification your students will have the knowledge, capabilities and the necessary skills to configure and manage a Pandora FMS installation on a modern monitoring environment. The course will cover the following topics:

  • Installing and configuring Pandora FMS
  • Remote device monitoring
  • Local device monitoring (with agents)
  • Practical applications for the alert and event systems
  • Efficient Pandora FMS management
  • Performing an advanced implantation for this tool

The program includes everything needed to obtain the certification: notes, official presentations and a final practical exam with a series of practical application exercises that must be done correctly.