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1. Objective and scope

The group of companies behind Pandora FMS, led by Artica PFMS, seeks through this Code of Ethics and Conduct, to reflect the ethical criteria that have guided us so far. Thus, the objective of the code is to establish general guidelines of conduct that guide the performance of the professional activity of all persons related to Pandora FMS and complying at all times with current legislation. Each of the actions and decisions must be oriented towards “doing the right thing”, to strengthen the reputation that characterizes us as a Company.

Recipients: The recipients of the code of ethics of Pandora FMS group are all its partners, employees, suppliers, partners, customers and/or any third party who maintains a relationship with Pandora FMS.

Validity: This Code will enter into force the day after its approval, which includes the Pandora FMS management team and the Works Council. Its content will be reviewed periodically on an annual basis, in order to make the appropriate modifications.

2. Mission and values

Pandora FMS group has been researching, developing and innovating since 2005. With products such as Pandora FMS, the monitoring software that we market in more than 50 countries around the world. From Pandora FMS, we seek long-term customer relationships, being able to adapt and grow at the same time as our customers.

Our mission; as monitoring experts, we know the huge potential of Pandora FMS to improve any organization that supports its business in technology. We want to work as an early warning, warning at the right time before an unforeseen event can happen. Always working as a committed community committed to excellence and integrity.

Our approach is to be key service technology providers and be present in companies from multiple sectors worldwide.

Since its birth, the company has always remained firm and safe within six pillars. Six pillars that surround and delimit it as well as cement and roof it. This means for us a home made of values, with which we coexist and improve looking for a prosperous tomorrow while elaborating a worthy legacy.

Honesty: Because to be sincere and consistent we should start with ourselves and from there we can then attempt to harmonize, at all times, what we say and what we do. This is something that characterizes us and to which we attach great importance, both for our own coexistence and for a perfect development of our work.

Loyalty: Because, as a basic principle, we will never turn our backs on our work, our clients, or our employees. We are united by bonds beyond convenience and profit, as deep as the fulfillment of honor once was and will always be the treasure of gratitude.

Trust: Because we have the belief and persistent faith of suitability among us. We do not hope, we know that we will act properly both in the ordinary morning and in the exceptional afternoon, and our confident actions reinforce this conviction day by day.

Team spirit: Because a crushing fist is always made up of five skillful fingers that perfectly match each other. And because one, alone, never planted battle. And if it did, whether it won or lost, it always waited for the applause or the sympathy of its companions.

Objectivity: Because despite the sensitivity or affinity that binds us to our work, we limit ourselves to indicating the observable and evident features to judge it. And so we offer the world what we understand to be good and necessary from every point of view and sentence.

Quality: Because the only thing that can come out of this house of ours is the excellent and a hundred hours worked, the purely tested and effective, what the customer wants and aims for, even what no one expects and exceeds all expectations. After all, it bears our signature, that of every Pandora FMS colleague who has pledged to give the best of themselves.

3. Ethical principles of conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct determines specific guidelines for action in the following content areas:

A. Compliance with legality

Compliance with the national and international laws, regulations and good practices applicable at any time in any territory or country in which Artica PFMS SL and its affiliated companies operate will always prevail in the development of the business activity against any other consideration, without exceptions. Company professionals must observe, in all circumstances, exemplary ethical behavior and avoid any behavior that may contravene applicable regulations, damage the reputation of the organization or adversely affect its public image. Nor will they collaborate with third parties in activities that could violate the legislation in force or damage the trust of third parties in the organization.


B. Equal opportunities: Pandora FMS offers the same opportunities to any partner of the company. This equality is expressed through dignified treatment at all levels for all people. Ensuring the application of laws that take their chances on equality and rejecting any manifestation of physical, psychological, moral, abusive, intimidatory or offensive harassment against the rights of individuals. In no case will discrimination be allowed on the basis of gender, ethnic and/or racial origin, nationality, age, socio-economic status, disability, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, etc.

At Pandora FMS we are committed to diversity, where anyone who shows commitment and good results will have the opportunity to develop themselves in the organization.

C. Reconciliation of family and professional life: the balance between work obligations and family life is advocated, maintaining a policy that makes it possible to reconcile both vital areas. For this, we are committed to teleworking, so it is allowed to carry out contracts in areas and cities that are not in the usual work centers.

D. Customer service: We base our success on customer satisfaction, being a fundamental requirement for business growth. That way, our goal is to provide the best possible service, always taking our chances on integrity, respect and dignity. We declare our opposition to any type of action that may harm third parties and thus the image of the company.

E. Safety and health at work: At all times the preventive measures established by current legislation will be followed, in order to achieve safety in the facilities and services. This will follow the instructions of the external occupational risk prevention company, where the staff will obtain the resources and knowledge necessary to perform their functions in a safe environment. That way, the entire workforce will know the protection rules, to ensure their own safety and those of colleagues, customers, suppliers and/or any third party that may be affected. We firmly believe that the people who make up our team are the most important asset of the company.

F. Fair competition as a worker:  Commitment to compete fairly in the markets, complying at all times with competition regulations. In the event of termination of the contract, the worker must not concur with the activity of Ártica PFMS S.L within two years following the termination of the contract, being unable to provide services directly related to Pandora FMS in another company.

G. Selection, remuneration and professional development:  The selection and promotion of personnel is based on the competences and performance of professional functions, together with the skills defined in the requirements for the job, making possible flexibility regarding a change of position within the company at the request of the person concerned. The company offers a fair remuneration, always above the Collective Agreement for consulting and market studies. Within the company it is possible to grow professionally according to employee performance, always following the principles of equality and respecting family and work reconciliation.


H. Confidentiality and private information: All information developed by Pandora FMS group, (including personal data that we process both as Data Controllers and as data processors), is considered private and confidential. It is forbidden to disclose any information related to specific operations, with persons who are not directly related to the operation. Likewise, it is stipulated as confidential information, and therefore, it is not allowed to share with third parties any documentation that is not provided with the public category, avoiding sharing any document including: commercial strategies, financial information, salaries, information on specific operations, non-public price tables, personal data, etc. In any business agreement, a confidentiality agreement will be signed in force throughout the relationship.

I. Conflict of interest: All members of Pandora FMS group seek well-being and business growth. For this reason, you cannot act to seek a personal benefit at the expense of Pandora FMS. All activities must seek the well-being of the company, avoiding improper profit or posing a problem to the performance of the organization. The company will seek integrity at all times.

J. Non-competition agreement: As an employer, any figure related to the activity of Pandora FMS must respect the pact of non-competition and permanence of the company, according to Article 21 of RDLeg. 2/2015 of 23 Oct. (Consolidated text of the Workers Statute Law). Therefore, no job offers or employment contracts will be made to workers who provide services in the company.

K. Quality of services: Any company or person that provides a service related to our company must seek excellence and act with an adequate knowledge that allows them to perform adequate services. It is important for all relationships to be documented in clear terms, in order to be able to determine precisely the rights and obligations arising from these relationships.

L. Transparent Business Practices: Transparency is key to strengthening the relationship with Pandora FMS community. For this reason, the information will be transparent, open and two-way, creating relationships of trust where the relevant opinions that help business growth are taken into account.

M. Care of our resources and work tools: The company’s human and technical resources are limited. For this reason, it is important to make correct and effective use of all resources.

N. Fraud prevention: In no case will be incurred in actions that can be considered as fraud against the company. The values of integrity and honesty will always be followed. Within examples of fraud, we can find: entering undeclared money from a sale, making false expense reports, making incomplete deposits, fraud with licensing, among others.

O. Relationship with authority: we are governed by information honesty and transparency. For this reason, whenever an authority, regulatory body or the Public Administration requires information, it should be provided. On no occasion shall bodies, inspection bodies or administrative supervisors be denied or prevented from acting.

P. Declination of gifts: Seeking objectivity in the selection of third parties, it is Not
allowed to offer, deliver or accept gifts or hospitality that could lead to thinking about possible deals of favor or counterparts, whether real or not. The exceptions to this rule must refer, necessarily and exclusively, to gifts or hospitality that, having an irrelevant or symbolic economic value, fit within the usual standards of business relations and do not present any caveat from the point of view of the legislation in force in each country. When in doubt as to whether a gift is considered inappropriate, you can check directly with HR or write to the ethical channel of Pandora FMS.

Q. Environment: All employees are committed to taking care of the planet’s resources, making rational use of water, paper, electricity and all natural resources.

4. Whistleblowing

Complaints channel

Within the work environment, if you are a victim or witness of any situation of injustice, abuse or any act that violates our Code of Ethics, do not hesitate to use the means that the company makes available to you, to communicate the breach. For any suggestions or complaints you can write directly to [email protected] or address the company at [email protected].